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How to Calculate and Report Overhead – and Why This Is So Important

About Video

Individuals (and even some foundations and corporations) often put considerable weight on a nonprofit’s “overhead ratio” when deciding whether to make a donation or not. This 5-minute Nonprofit Fundraising Center (NFC) presentation explains how administrative and fundraising expenses need to be carefully determined and reported. Curt Weeden joins NFC co-host Tanya Smith-Evans in recommending specific ways nonprofits can turn an “overhead ratio” into an asset and not a contribution-killer.

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Why do nonprofit board members, staff and key volunteers subscribe to the NFC channel? NFC releases new 5-Minute Money Makers for nonprofit organizations. Revenue-generating topics range from donor-advised funds to calculating a nonprofit’s overhead ratio; from planned giving strategies to ways to win government grants and contracts.

Co-hosts Curt Weeden (former Johnson & Johnson vice president) and Tanya Smith-Evans (nonprofit and for-profit executive consultant and coach) bring years of practical experience to these vitally important NFC “money-maker” videos.

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