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Two of the most commonly asked questions by nonprofit leaders are:

* How can our organization get board members more engaged in fundraising beyond making personal gifts – but do this without making unreasonable demands on their time and resources?

* How can we be certain that all our key staff members are “up to speed” on different ways our organization can generate revenue?

The Nonprofit Fundraising Center (NFC) addresses both these questions through its Nonprofit Fundraising Channel. NFC produces a series of short “money maker” videos explicitly developed for nonprofit staff and board members.

While some nonprofit organizations have access to advanced management programs that address fundraising issues (e.g. the Georgetown University New Strategies Program), the vast majority of the nation’s 1.5 million nonprofits are unlikely to be participants in these specialized education opportunities. NFC was created to help all not-for-profit organizations achieve practical and achievable fundraising goals.

The Nonprofit Fundraising Center (NFC) is an online resource open to all not-for-profit managers and board members. Our objective: give nonprofits access to specific fundraising options that are proven, practical, and “do-able.” NFC presents a constantly refreshed free menu of revenue-generating concepts all packaged in short (5-minute) videos easily accessible any time day or night.

Each NFC “money-maker” focuses on a different fundraising strategy ranging from “how to get a corporate grant” to “donor-advised fund basics.” The videos all conclude with specific takeaways for staff and board members. Regardless of a nonprofit’s size, the NFC money-makers are an effective way for an organization to diversify its revenue portfolio.