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Calculate the dollar value of volunteer service to your nonprofit

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U.S. volunteers donate (on average) more than 50 hours a year to nonprofit organizations. The value of that time is worth close to $30 per hour. This 5-minute NFC money maker explains how (and why) nonprofits should recognize the financial impact of volunteer service. Produced by the Nonprofit Fundraising Center (NFC), the presentation is co-hosted by two highly regarded philanthropy practitioners.

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Why do nonprofit board members, staff and key volunteers subscribe to the NFC channel? NFC releases new 5-Minute Money Makers for nonprofit organizations. Revenue-generating topics range from donor-advised funds to calculating a nonprofit’s overhead ratio; from planned giving strategies to ways to win government grants and contracts.

Co-hosts Curt Weeden (former Johnson & Johnson vice president) and Tanya Smith-Evans (nonprofit and for-profit executive consultant and coach) bring years of practical experience to these vitally important NFC “money-maker” videos.

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